A multi-authored, online catalog of readymade objects, images, documents and ideas.

How does it work?


1) Richard invites someone to add a new readymade (an object or image, the idea or plans for its realization, the document of something “found”…) into the catalog. Ideally, Richard entries will consist of globally available images, objects, videos, sounds, software, texts etc., the more widespread and available, the better. All entries are selected by our staff; at this moment, we regret to inform you that we do not accept unsolicited submissions.

2) As soon as the entry is approved and appears on Richard’s catalog, it is separated from details regarding its provenance and identified only by a code number as well as by a title and description written by the contributing artist/s. This will make each entry a part in a large, multi-authored project. Each entry will also be considered as a totally autonomous and independent artwork.

3) A series of public exhibitions ( consisting of selections of catalog entries) and events will be organized to activate the project. From that point on, everyone else will be free to organize similar events, include Richard entries in their own projects and shows, browse, copy, use, adapt, organize whatever is inside Richard. We can’t guarantee that all entries will be easy to reproduce… as certain readymades might only exist as specific objects, and therefore require shipment, or come from/respond to specific cultural and geographic contexts… in such cases, Richard will act as a medium in helping locate, transport, adapt, cheat… in short, we’ll help you find the right approach, depending on each case. Just contact us.

Allowing for an indefinite number of subsequent developments and for a continuous expansion of the catalog through the inclusion of new contributors, Richard aims at establishing itself as a self-sufficient and self-supportive entity. The organization will ideally operate at the intersection of art, visual culture and provocation, presenting an alternative scenario for the creation, presentation and dissemination of art.


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