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RM035_Untitled (CHF50 banknote, folded)

This Piece is made with a 50.00 CHF swiss francs note, currency (51.28 USD on april 15 th 2015). The 50.00 CHF is a tribute to swiss artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp, (1889-1943), designed by swiss designer Jörg Zintzmeyer. Date of issue of the banknote: 3 october 1995. On the reverse (down, left) of the banknote, figures a drawing, by Sophie Taeuber-Arp, which reminds me of the signature on USD currency by Secretary of Treasury Jacob J. Lew. I like the ambiguity of this object. Folded in four, pasted on a wall, showed in another country/ context, it takes a meaning different from the actual value of the banknote. The « modern » drawing on it is not ugly, but not wonderful neither.


REPRODUCE/ IDENTICAL: The readymade can be reproduced by whoever wants, provided that the final results are identical to the ones described and illustrated by the designating individual.1 2 3


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