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RM030_L. Wittgenstein (back) talks with A. Speer (front) about Materiality, Solitude and Feticism.

L. Wittgenstein (back) talks with A. Speer (front) about Materiality, Solitude and Feticism.


The concrete splinter belongs the Schwerbelastungskorper, a cylinder in concrete of 14 meter hight, 12 meters diameter, sinking for 18 meters in the soil. The huge mass of cylinder was built by Albert Speer as a test for an triumphs arc of 117 m hight and 170 m length. The Arc was never built, though it is impossible to dismantle the Schwerbelastungskörper. This splinter was taken before the restoration of the Schwerbelastungskörper and is therefore part of the original casting.

The brick comes form the site where Wittgenstein built his own cabin at the bottom of the Sognefjord in Norway. A place far from everything, difficult to reach and only after half an hour trekking from a secondary road at the end of the world. The site of the house has an monumental sight on the fjord, facing a cliff mirroring in the water. Nothing rests from the cabin except the basement and few bricks. This is one of them.

The composition stages the two constructive elements as fetish avatars of two of the most influential intellectual of the XX century.

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