A multi-authored, online catalog of readymade objects, images, documents and ideas.

RM027_The Curator

The Curator serves as an invitation to expand the narrow confines of the art world. It is based on a realization: In order to call an object, image, artifact, sound, meal or gesture a work of art, an artist alone wouldn’t suffice; it also needs the blessing of a curator, art historian, art theorist or philosopher who functions as the institutional intermediary of the art world. Premise: Every work of art is a work of art in a world of art. The Curator represents the world of art and roams the city, from time to time visiting the homes and studios of artists to elevate objects into the state of art by extending curatorial blessings.
Instructions: The Curator is an invitation to extend, affirm and question curatorial practices. To install a curator, one needs a device of separation, which can be a pedestal, a line in the sand, a vitrine, a storefront or window, anything that creates a mediation between an onlooker and a looked-upon.

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