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RM023_Untitled [Hair combs]

Buy four brand new plastic hair combs of the same make and size, each of a different color and translucent preferably. Wedge the gap after the last tooth of one comb into the gap after the last tooth of another comb at 90º angles until all four are joined – two combs teeth up and two teeth down – forming a perfect square. No glue required. It can be displayed on any flat surface and must never be hung on a wall. Makes for an excellent conversation piece.

REPRODUCE/SIMILAR: This readymade can be reproduced by whoever wants, provided that the final results are similar to the ones described and illustrated. It is up to whoever reproduces the readymade to judge the degree of this similitude.

Untitled [Hair combs]
9 x 9 x 1.5 inches circa.



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