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Object, 2010

Fleshlight – Pink Lady original, sandwich bread

Aprox. 28 x 12 x 11 cm

Please note: First remove 2-3 slices, and then hollow out the bread to insert the Fleshlight. The clitoris must face towards what was initially the bottom part of the bread. As it dries out pretty quickly the sandwich bread should be kept moist with a vaporizer and exchanged once a day.

pussy on toast_web

As an adolescent I watched the movie “Trading Places” a dozen times. Towards the end a prostitute, tangled up in a game of changing stereotypes, gets her cover blown because she, all dressed up in lederhosen and a blond wig with braids, keeps claiming; “I’m Helga from Sweden”.

And most vividly I remember how a supposedly blind man, pretending that his legs were lost in the Vietnam War, is on his knees begging outside a bank. Every time a beautiful woman passes by he grabbles for her while shouting: “Pussy on toast, give me pussy on toast…”

I came to understand that this is probably what you eat when drinking tea from Méret Oppenheim’s fur cup.



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