A multi-authored, online catalog of readymade objects, images, documents and ideas.

*NEWS_Masterpieces of Everyday New York

Masterpieces of Everyday New York

Sheila C. Johnson Design Center
Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery

June 27-September 4, 2013

There are more than 8 million ordinary objects in this city that carry within them a sense of its inimitable expression.  They express its thundering diversity or a thorough particularity; they connect us to other places, past and present, or moor us to the here and now; they enliven or aggravate daily life; they epitomize the city at large or hold true to one of its neighborhoods.  They may be small, held, and mobile or large, unwieldy, and stationary.  Well-designed or just well-used, they live and survive, carried by the city’s inhabitants from place to place, from generation to generation, creating a ripple of small meanings. …

Curated by Radhika Subramaniam and Margot Bouman



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