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RM016_Baby Ego Toilet

Sometime around 2003, I saw this object, minus packaging, in a 99cent store, and purchased it, thinking it an interesting shape and form, somewhere between Kaufman, Kapoor and Koons, and after realizing it was a baby toilet seat adaptor and viewing it vertically, noted its Duchampian potential. The object and form are consequently important here, as most similar baby bathroom products on the web are nowhere near as well formed, futuristic or well designed. One could say this is the vacu-formed Eames-ish version of said product- and as Ray would likely approve- this seat is available in multiple colors.


For years a white version hanged on my studio wall as a potential picture or mirror frame at first, and then I realized it holds its own on a wall as a sculptural relief ‘conversation piece’ of some nature. And on that note, should nature call, in a pinch, it could also be lent to a parent to be used for what it was initially intended for, and then replaced on the wall as a (relief-relief) artwork- a participatory piece of sorts… (As such it is a great artwork for placement in a bathroom, easy to clean with windex and tissue, and should be fairly archival if kept from UV rays.) Moreover, as the title suggests, this ‘frame’ and ‘toilet’ can have an alternate or alternative use as it were, especially in the bathroom, as a mirror-frame metaphor for new-age-ian letting-go of emotionally laden ego-shells, a zen dumping pit of the ‘offensive’ outer layers of heavy armor that we carry around with us, a focusing meditation circle to peer in, ponder and sit with thoughts that we would rather not have, old subscious shit, belief systems now ready to be rid of. As metaphorically regular, or childishly negative reactive thoughts get processed, we as ever growing spiritual human babies, may, in the quiet temporary repose of a rest-room, let them go.

Baby Ego Toilet, 2013.
(Farlin Baby Toilet Seat – (any color)) Plastic 10 x 12 x 3″.
Please Note: the object is to be hang as wall relief.

The object can be bought HERE
Or reproduced to be identical to the original product.



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