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RM009 _ Destiny Bread

Destiny Bread is bread in a transparent plastic package, printed on the package are words by the baker about life in times of crisis. The words say:

“In ancient times, people have lived through wars, migrations and natural disasters. They didn’t call the events “Crisis”, but “Life.” Man does what he can until his destiny is revealed.” I was amazed by the baker’s idea to feed the people with his message. Probably the bread will be available until the end of the crisis, or until the moment the baker decides the crisis ends. Ordinary bread becomes more than a food object, it’s like a speaking object or a living thing, people look at it, read it, think. What they eat is a message.


Destiny Bread

food object (600g package)

This object can be procured on request. It is only sold overseas; please inquire regarding shipping/handling expenses and fees

Destiny Bread


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