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RM005 _ Blue Pink Brown

This readymade can be created by finding the pink, blue and brown versions of a new Kleenex box design, that we shall call Zigzag V. They must all exist together and be placed in a row; pink, blue, brown, from left to right, in order for the piece to be complete. Kleenex has placed these special box designs in drugstores like Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS, along with some other new box designs. They usually only have a few of the special Zigzag V designs in any one store, and its usually only the pink and blue versions, the brown version is very rare. In order to find all of the colors to make this piece, you will have to go to several different drugstores and find all the pieces of the puzzle. You must act quickly before these special designs sell-out and Kleenex stops producing them.



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