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RM004 _ (…) Brain Wave

The title of the work is the first word the maker thinks of when they wake, plus the word “Brain Wave”. Media are: ink, melatonin, and sleep-cycle brain waves on paper, 8 1/2 x 11 inches.


This work can be Reproduced following this set of instructions: Before bed, the maker fills a circular vessel with ink.  The vessel is preferably glass and clear, a pie pan works well. The maker then takes a 10 MG dose of over-the-counter melatonin and at the same time mixes 10 MG of melatonin into the ink.  The maker thinks about the melatonin dissolving into their blood stream as they watch the powder dissolve into the ink and look deep into the black of the liquid.  When the powder is gone, the maker then places 1 sheet of standard A4 white paper under their pillow and goes to sleep thinking into the deep black of the ink.  Throughout the night, the paper is bombarded with sleep cycle brain waves.  Upon waking, the maker records the first word that comes into their head for use in the title.  Then, the sheet of paper is placed into the ink and the mixture, allowed to be fully saturated, then left until all the liquid has dried completely.  Drying times will vary due to environment and vessel used.  The paper is then removed and displayed like a historic relic, preferably in a classic, dark wood frame.  In this performance, the maker is encouraged to visualize the physicality and permeability
of their mind as well as the real and measurable energies it radiates. Though the physical results cannot be seen with the eye, we understand and believe that they are apart of the paper now.  The maker can now use this object to see into their own head.



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