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Richard’s RM030_L. Wittgenstein (back) talks with A. Speer (front) about Materiality, Solitude and Feticism will materialize in this group exhibition at Prosjektrom Normanns in Stavanger, Norway AN OTHER LAND…AND IN … Continue reading

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RM042_Untitled (Mugshot)

RM042 _ Untitled (Mugshot) 2D (lo-res jpeg image) reproduce/identical Editorial Note: This entry was came to us more anonymously than usual… as it comes from a state attorney. The image was … Continue reading

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Bagger …on the way home i saw this digger in the river, moving slowly its own ground in the water. 2d REPRODUCE/ IDENTICAL

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RM040_Another One Bites The Dust

Another One Bites the Dust, 2014. Local currency coin with the highest value available in that specific country. Glued to the floor. The coin must be issued in the year 2014. … Continue reading

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Title: Hex00bb2e Size: Variable Medium: No certain specification. Can be transformed in 2D_3D_Moving_Image_ etc. REPRODUCE/ IDENTICAL [the readymade can be reproduced by whoever wants, provided that the final results are identical … Continue reading

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RM038_The Party is Over (You should not bring your friend.)

RM038_The party is over. (You should not bring your friend.) idea/sound medium : home and music TWEAK/ADAPT Invite friends for a party. Put the music and strobe lighting on. Close the … Continue reading

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RM037_Stairs in La Gioconda (when DaVinci met Filliou who made fun of Duchamp who, maybe, read Benjamin)

RM037_Stairs in La Gioconda (when DaVinci met Filliou who made fun of  Duchamp who, maybe, read Benjamin) 2D Medium : postcard or poster or other 2d reproduction and drawing Reproduce/Similar/Adapt/Tweak … Continue reading

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RM036_Shovel with a Snow Ball

RM036_Shovel with a Snow Ball Find a snow shovel (or similar) and put it somewhere in the gallery space or  outside the gallery during the opening.  Place one single snow … Continue reading

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RM035_Untitled (CHF50 banknote, folded)

This Piece is made with a 50.00 CHF swiss francs note, currency (51.28 USD on april 15 th 2015). The 50.00 CHF is a tribute to swiss artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp, … Continue reading

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RM034_Untitled Wood Knots (separated by percussion/vibration)

Untitled, 2014 Description: A clear glass mug, half-full of wood knots. Please note: object can be either loaned inquire within  or reproduced. Please Note: Reproduction can ONLY happen in the … Continue reading

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*READS_Did Marcel Duchamp Steal Elsa’s Urinal?

SCANDAL! But questionable “authorship” isn’t much of a surprise considering the nature of the work, right? Read on and see what you think… “The founding object of conceptualism was probably … Continue reading

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RM033_Given 1)The Illuminating Gas 2)The Waterfall

The video is made by capturing a live webcam feed once every 10 seconds over the course of 24 hours then piping it to a video file that’s 18fps/8 minutes. … Continue reading

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RE002_We Were All Rocks Once

RE002_We Were All Rocks Once August 6 – 24, 2014 Original ideas by: Joe Brittain, Aneta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova, Blue Curry, Anthony Haden Guest, Henna Hyvärinen, Richard Jochum, Susan Kooi, Anne … Continue reading

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RM032_In Your Face

In Your Face : Lotion Mask Sheet (or similar compact mask product in tablet form). Recommended treatment: Preparing a facial treatment on the go! Place tablet in mouth and let … Continue reading

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Unbreakable : It consists of a hump of clay, and a comb from a Dutch pharmacy called Kruitvat, stuck in the clay that is now dry. Its genesis is poetry, … Continue reading

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RM030_L. Wittgenstein (back) talks with A. Speer (front) about Materiality, Solitude and Feticism.

L. Wittgenstein (back) talks with A. Speer (front) about Materiality, Solitude and Feticism. : The concrete splinter belongs the Schwerbelastungskorper, a cylinder in concrete of 14 meter hight, 12 meters … Continue reading

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ADULT PLAY Medium: Plastic shoe hanger Size: 4 x 3 1/2 x 1/16 inches For Sale (send an email to inquire please) : “People are unconsciously incline to find faces and genital forms in … Continue reading

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*READS_How to Become a Non Artist

This is just adorable: slightly oldie but definitely goodie on e-flux mag: “In the winter of 2006, I started observing my son Einar’s experiments with form. Einar was creating small arrangements … Continue reading

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*READS_The History of Non-Art Part 1 and 2

Toke Lykkeberg’s take on the history of Non-Art on DIS magazine takes Alphonse Allais and other pre-Duchamp readymakers in due account. Check it out:

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RM028_Tan Tatts

Tan Tatts stencils, fake tanner : Order stencils from Ebay by following this link: Buy Vani-T Liquid Sun Velocity Rapid 1 Hour Self Tanning Mist by following this link: … Continue reading

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On Vacation… (for a little while)

  Wow… it’s been a wild ride so far… Thanks to all of you for your continuing support and interest. RICHARD will soon launch into its “second phase” (tah daaah … Continue reading

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RE001_First Communion of Anemic Young Girls in the Snow and other works

RICHARD’s first exhibition was presented from November 8 to  December 15 at Interstate Projects, in Brooklyn. A great review by D. Creahan was published on Art Observed This swell article … Continue reading

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*READS_Jonas Lund’s Algorithm-Based Art

“Can data be used to predict cultural flashpoints before we can? And if so, should we harness that power? The project hinges on an algorithm designed by Lund. Using it, an … Continue reading

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*READS_Brian Eno and Fountain…

Brian Eno describes a fantastic action he performed on Duchamp’s Fountain when it was at MOMA in 1995. [Quoted from a friend’s Facebook Wall, actual source unknown. Date and attribution … Continue reading

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RM027_The Curator

The Curator serves as an invitation to expand the narrow confines of the art world. It is based on a realization: In order to call an object, image, artifact, sound, meal … Continue reading

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RM026_American Handle

A door handle mounted on a wall at the real place of a functional handle. This door handle opens onto an imaginary space which doesn’t exist! American Handle Date : … Continue reading

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RM025_The Deadline: __ / __ / ____ (insert tomorrow’s date)

As long as the RICHARD  project maintains its lifeline, this readymade, The Deadline: __ / __ / ____ (insert tomorrow’s date), shall retain its vital sign. This readymade is flagged … Continue reading

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RM024_A Wedge

A wedge is a triangular shaped tool, a compact and portable inclined plane, and one of the six classical simple machines. It can be used to separate two objects or … Continue reading

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*FINDS_Atipik’s R.Mutt stickers “The clever folks at ATYPYK have taken Duchamp’s classic subversion of modern art “Fountain” to the next logical level by making his signature into a sticker to add to … Continue reading

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*NEWS_BHQF’s “How to Make a Readymade”

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RM023_Untitled [Hair combs]

Buy four brand new plastic hair combs of the same make and size, each of a different color and translucent preferably. Wedge the gap after the last tooth of one comb into … Continue reading

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RM022_World Map

Not a “Reversed Map” (where south is up, north is down, east is left and west is right, and all text is oriented to be correctly read with the map … Continue reading

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RM021_Discarded truism (left for all to see)

Discarded truism (left for all to see) A4 Found truism discarded by the public printer at the ****** Fine Arts Academy. Written: “Hustling is not playing.” Font resembles Helvetica or … Continue reading

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*READS_Not a Readymade

Today’s RICHARD -related read: Anthony Huberman / Haim Steinbach talk about What  a Readymade is NOT Just like all of us, Haim Steinbach has been choosing and arranging objects for his … Continue reading

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RM020_(Found) Party Invitations

This entry consists of a rather large selection of lovingly collected and laminated party invitation cards, in various states of conservation. Damaged, scratched and often almost unreadable, they can be temporarily … Continue reading

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*READS_Svenja Bromberg: The Anti-Political Aesthetics of Objects…

Today’s RICHARD – related read: Svenja Bromberg: “The Anti-Political aesthetics of Objects and Worlds Beyond”: Now that immaterial and affective labour seem to be waning as subjects for art, a … Continue reading

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RM019_RealFeel(r) of 32c

RealFeel(r) of 32c / Accessibility depends on temperature, wind, humidity, sunshine intensity, cloudiness, precipitation and elevation on the human body and personal RealFeel experience. / “AccuWeather created a unified value known as … Continue reading

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Kneebend People, size and duration varies. In a group of roughly 8 or more people, stand in a circle with each person facing the same direction, sit on the lap … Continue reading

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Object, 2010 Fleshlight – Pink Lady original, sandwich bread Aprox. 28 x 12 x 11 cm Please note: First remove 2-3 slices, and then hollow out the bread to insert … Continue reading

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*NEWS_Masterpieces of Everyday New York

Masterpieces of Everyday New York Sheila C. Johnson Design Center Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery June 27-September 4, 2013 There are more than 8 million ordinary objects in this city … Continue reading

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RM016_Baby Ego Toilet

Sometime around 2003, I saw this object, minus packaging, in a 99cent store, and purchased it, thinking it an interesting shape and form, somewhere between Kaufman, Kapoor and Koons, and after realizing it … Continue reading

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RM015_The San Andreas Fault

From Wikipedia: The San Andreas Fault is a continental transform fault that runs a length of roughly 810 miles (1,300 km) through California in the United States. The fault’s motion is … Continue reading

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A 5 euro bill or 1$ bill (or any other of the most accessible banknotes, as people of all classes will have equal chances to get a hold of it) with a … Continue reading

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This Land, taken as an act of reappropriation: This readymade idea/piece consists of any space demarcated by the other side of a sign reading “Private Property” or “No Trespassing” or … Continue reading

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RM012_Inaccessible Island (Middle Village)

A Google Maps search for “Inaccessible Island” will deliver this and potentially other intriguing images. (this file was sent to RICHARD with an invitation to visit Middle Village, Queens.) /

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RM011_Title Variable (Discarded tree-shaped car freshener)

Find a discarded tree-shaped car freshener on the ground outside. (You can usually find these where there are a lot of taxis.) Make a note of its location. Also, make a … Continue reading

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RM010_Tibet Snow

A bottle of snow. Never opened. In original package. Tibet Snow. Imported snow. 4 X 6 in. This readymade can be bought in its original form (please inquire with Richard … Continue reading

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RM009 _ Destiny Bread

Destiny Bread is bread in a transparent plastic package, printed on the package are words by the baker about life in times of crisis. The words say: “In ancient times, people have lived … Continue reading

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RM008 _ 7 Step Wood Ladder for All Birds

The label reads: “7 Step Wood Ladder for All Birds.” …do all birds really need ladders? and what for? : 7 Step Wood Ladder for All Birds medium: wood size: … Continue reading

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RM007 _ One Day Drawing

Draw a horizontal line with a pencil across a standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of A4 paper.  Make new, or contact existing acquaintances in Hawaii and Germany. Using … Continue reading

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